Why Are You Uniquely Positioned to Help People

Nov 4, 2018Stories, Video


“God didn't make you by mistake, but the process of building ‘YOU' is not something that's going to happen overnight. And frankly, I don't actually think it ever ends. I think you're always growing and learning and adjusting.

Hey there, Happy Sunday. It is November third, I think in 2018. My days are getting a little off, but I just wanted to take a minute. I'm about to run out the door and catch my flight back to Nashville to start another event with the Closers Cafe Black level. It's another business that I've started ingrown with the business partner Ben. And so I'm pretty excited about that because these people are just rock stars. And this week with Ask, it was really fun because I got to help a lot of people. Just with conversations, I had with them and just actually asking them the question, “How can I help you?” And then trusting what was brought to my mind. I want to encourage you to ask the same questions because I truly believe that you are here because you are uniquely positioned to help other people.

When I was growing up, I definitely heard more than once, “Who Do you think you are- God's gift or God's gift to Earth?” And it really struck me today that, “Yeah, I am. And so are you. “God didn't make you by mistake. He made you on purpose, with a purpose and while you probably don't know what that is yet because most people don't, trust that he is creating what he wants you to be in your life and that, that creation process is not easy, right? He didn't build the earth and everything that we know in one minute, right? It took days, it took eons, it took a really long time. And the process of building ‘YOU' is not something that's going to happen overnight. And frankly, I don't actually think it ever ends. I think you're always growing and learning and adjusting.

And if you want to know why I believe that- LOOK AROUND. I couldn't have done this five years ago. I couldn't plug my phone up. It's actually on a paper towel roll in this random like apartment that's like an Airbnb style. I mean I couldn't have done this even two years ago, right? Everything is changing and all these gifts are being brought to us in the form of technology and stuff, but all those came from people. They didn't come from technology. Somebody thought of that technology. And when I was actually brushing my teeth this morning, I was like, “Who invented toothpaste?” And then I looked at this evolution of toothpaste. Who knew Right? Something you use twice a day every day you probably don't even think about, but, God puts somebody here to make us toothpaste.

“You are God's gift”

So I encourage you to start thinking about that. You are God's gift. Like you have a gift to bring to the world. He's not physically here with us or she however you believe- I've got camps in both ways- but if you are here, there's a reason and you're going to impact somebody's life in a way that changes the course of their life. And I want you to think about that as two things. First of all, so exciting, right? And second of all responsibility. Not like a crazy, weighted responsibility, but like an opportunity. Maybe that's the better word, an OPPORTUNITY not a responsibility. So, what is that? What does that look like in your life? And so one of the ways that I've been trying to figure out is, I literally come to these conferences and I say, “Hey, I'm Monica, how can I help you? Here's what I know…”

Well, I don't quite say it like that. I actually say, well, I've actually been working on my pitch, my introvert, my elevator speech. If somebody says, “What do you do?” Well, that one's really hard to answer to do it effectively. You could say, “Oh, I'm a software developer.” Well, that's part of what I am or what I do. I feel like, God takes all these things and weaves us a unique tapestry of our life. And that unique tapestry is positioned for people to get help from. So, I've just been going around asking, “This is my background. How can I help you? I'm really good in a lot of places.” And then praying a lot. So this morning I felt like you needed to hear this- you are God's gift and you are uniquely positioned to help somebody do something and it may just be one person and it may be a lot of people, but only you can do that.

So if you hear this little voice in your head, we all do by the way. There's a lot of crazy ones. They're insane. You got to filter through those. And usually, the really super quiet one that brings for me, it's visions, a lot of times, and words. I do it a lot when I'm journaling. I'll write and I'll say, “God, what do you want here?” But that skill has been developed over time. And I can talk more about that in a different live, but you are God's gift. Remember that. The next time you encounter somebody and think, how can you serve this other child of God today and give. And I promise that God will do amazing things in your life. So have a great Sunday and we'll catch up with you tomorrow.