The crazy reason I’m NOT asking one of my favorites question anymore…

Dec 4, 2018Stories, Video


And that's why I love systems because they help me help more people. And the more people that you can help, the more you get your goals fulfilled as well. So I definitely want to help more people.

Happy Tuesday, December fourth. It's Monica here. It's 2018. It's the end of the year and it's such a fun, fun time. Today I want to talk about something that I do when I attend live events or meet somebody in person that I have to stop doing and why I have to stop doing that. So when I meet people, I'm not really shy. That's not something that I really am. I will walk up and talk to just about anybody. I'm well known for being a great wing man with my girlfriends. Although I don't really go out much anymore because, you know, baby and married life and all that good stuff. But I mean I'm just not too intimidated by very many people so I'll pretty much introduced myself to anybody and talk to them and that gets me a lot of, a lot of fun things.

And what I've learned in doing that by the way, is that everybody is generally pretty nice. Not everybody. Not Everybody is really nice, but most people are genuinely nice. And then what I do is I try to compliment somebody on a choice that they've made. Something that they're wearing or something like that and just try to say something unique about it, right. Not something generic like, “Oh, you have such pretty hair.” But like, “Wow, I really love how you curled your hair. Did you use a curling iron or did you use a flat iron? Because I still can't get the flat iron right.” Which is totally true by the way. Don't let me flat iron and curl my hair. It just doesn't work. For the guys watching- that's two different kinds of heat tools. But anyway, so that is a choice that they made, right? Not that their hair is not a choice but like something specific. Right.

So that's one thing that I do that definitely makes that conversation start off on the right foot. And with this would it going well. Right. And I usually like to talk about them more than me. I tend to ask more questions and then find common ground. So this is something I learned in the Sorority when we did recruitment. We got coached on how to talk to people because that's what recruitment is, right? You have to talk to people and sometimes talking to people, it's like talking to a brick wall. Well thank you sorority recruitment because now I can talk to anybody because I got some of those brick walls. So also when a girl gets tagged kind of as a brick wall because that happens, then they get met with certain people who are better at talking than others. Right. Because some of the times you recruit amazing people into your business or into your world or into your sorority that are awesome. They're just not great at like openly communicating right off the bat with somebody right? They are a little more shy or a little more reserved and that's perfectly fine. But then you need to balance them out with somebody like me who will get them to come out of their shell and talk. Right. This is just clicking- people tell me their life stories. I remember I was in California when I was living in LA and my cousins came to visit and about halfway through the trip, one of them looked at me and she was 13 at the time. She's like, “Monica, does everyone talk to you?” And I was like, “Yeah, don't they do that to everybody?” She was like, “No.” I was like, “Oh, okay.”

But that's just my life and here's why. Because I'm nice and friendly and approachable, but so when I go to talk to people and then I like to end with this question, which is “How can I help you?” And it's a very simple, you know, five were question, how can I help you? And I have to stop because as much as I love helping people, I have so much to do right now that I have no bandwidth until I build more systems. So I don't have any more events coming up until January. So I'm hoping that I'm going to be able to ask my question in January. But for right now, like I'm new. People are coming into my world through phone calls and referrals and stuff. And I literally have to be like, I can't right now because my systems aren't in place, mean for Pete's sake, I'm homeless.

So like even my, like how I put my moisturizer on in the morning system is like out the window, right? So I have like no systems in place and this driving me a little crazy. Okay. Lot of crazy because like my moisturizers are on this shelf and they fall down a lot and it drives me crazy. But I'm still super grateful for the incredibly, incredibly generous man that's letting us live in this house, who's out there playing with my kid right now so that I can do Facebook live. So, thank you Justin. You are an amazing human and I love you. Okay. So, that's the reason I can't ask my favorite question of how can I help you? Like I just have no bandwidth to help more people until I build better systems. And that's why I love systems because they help me help more people. And the more people that you can help, the more you get your goals fulfilled as well. So I definitely want to help more people. So this, my favorite question is on pause for a little while until I get better systems in place and the systems are in development and I'll share them with you. But, anyway, that's what's going on if you want to know more about how I talk to people or communicate with people because by the way, all of my clients have come from in person events or a referral from an in person event. When people meet me in person, they generally want to work with me. And that's actually why I don't have my funnel up and running. It's built. I just haven't turned it on because I can't take more people right now, which is a good problem to have.

So gonna work on the system so it can help more people and then they can help more people because I help entrepreneurs. It's like this ripple effect and I really love that. Anyway, that's it for this Tuesday. I will talk to you tomorrow. By the way, if you have anything you want me to talk about, let me know. I am totally open to it because I know a lot of things and somebody asked me yesterday like, “Who are you talking to in these videos?” And to be really honest with you, I'm not sure yet. I'm headed down a path of talking to people. I'm just not really sure who that is yet. So, ask me any questions that you may have that you think I know the answer to. Look at me. I'm breaking a rule. I literally just said, I can't say how can I help you anymore? And I literally almost just said it. But really, do pm me because I do these every day and I would love to answer any of your questions. I'm hopeless. All right, bye.