Learning to Embrace the Suck

Nov 18, 2018Stories, Video


So today I'm just embracing the fact that some parts of having your own business suck. I learned to embrace it because it's going to happen. There's going to be parts that you absolutely hate.

Happy Sunday, November 18, 2018, it's Monica and today has been just a fun family day. My husband watched the Titans lose- the Tennessee Titans, but we've had a pretty good couple weeks so it's been fun. And then I'm just in the middle of making dinner and there's a lot of downtime in this dinner. It's Goulash, so it sits for a long time. So I have been using that time to embrace the sucky parts of business things which are, when you're setting up a new business, there's a lot of things that people don't talk about like setting up privacy policy and the earnings disclaimer and getting all those linked up correctly and terms and conditions and the parts that really just aren't that much fun. And so, I've been doing those.

I actually use a termly.io if you want to use those. It is a paid service, but it's got a great little questionnaire. I feel really good about the results that it spits out. So, it gets it done fast. Like honestly, while I have to embrace the sucky parts, I don't have to love them and I can get them over with as quickly as possible. And then I'm just setting up some header and footer stuff in my Clickfunnels account to make sure that I've got my funnels up and running because I'm starting to get client meeting so I need to be ready. I don't have a buy button right now, so I gotta fix that tonight because there tomorrow. So that's what I'm working on. And do I really want to be working on a Sunday night? No, not really, but do I want to have business I want to have, yes, I do.

So today I'm just embracing the fact that some parts of having your own business suck, but then I remember being employee sucked even more. So I hope that you can learn to do that too. And if you have any questions about the technical stuff, I've also set up my google admin. [Monica to Colson] “Oh Hey buddy!”

My son just came in. [Monica to Colson] “Come here. Say hi. Oh, are we watching ipad? Okay, what are you watching? SuperChat?” That's my husband, yes, we're on my live. But anyway, so some kicks the table- that part doesn't suck. When your kid interrupt your work, to me does not suck. It's kind of a thing.

So I've also been setting up email addresses and things like that today. Just those basic things that you need to look professional and they're not that hard. It's just they kind of aren't fun and I forget how much they suck until I have to do them again. So that's what I have to say is learn to embrace the sucky parts because they are there and [Monica to Lyza-live audience] “Hey Lyza!” Lyza knows all about embracing the sucky parts of business. The parts that aren't fun. She's super technical as well. So actually something I'm doing right now is I'm working on like javascript debugging for someone. Working on the javascript debugging and let me tell you about things that are no fun- debugging is not a whole lot of fun, let me tell you. My husband just took my kid out. This live is going so well tonight.

I learned to embrace it because it's going to happen. There's going to be parts that you absolutely hate. Get to them as quickly as possible and then do the parts you love and also when you're ready, outsource the parts that you hate. That is my favorite thing to do. I just don't really have time right now because I'm under a deadline. So that's the other thing I wanted to talk about is that embracing the suck, sometimes you can give it to somebody else, but in order to do that you have to plan. You have to make sure to have adequate time. You have to tell the person that's doing it, how to do it properly, and direct expectations and the outcome that you want and you need to give them the time to accomplish the task. So you could just say, “Hey Monica, why don't you just make somebody else do that?”

Well, I don't really want anybody making my terms and conditions where I don't understand them because ultimately it comes down to me and frankly I'm under a deadline and I didn't plan well. So, I'm not going to stress out my VA with that. So, that's the other aspect I wanted to talk about, about second things. Yes, you can pass a lot of them off and outsource them. Just make sure you've given yourself time to do that. Alright, that is it for tonight. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and I will see you tomorrow.