It’s time for a backup!

Dec 5, 2018Stories, Video


Get your computers backed up, your house backed up as much as you can and be ready for disasters because they happen and usually it's like the worst possible time.

Hey there, it's Monica, happy December fifth, 2018 and I want to give you a very friendly reminder that if you have not backed up your computer or your important files, it is time. And the reason this reminder's coming to you today is because my cousin who's in college and it's finals week, spilled an entire glass of water on top of her Mac. It's dead, totally dead and she doesn't have a backup, so thank God she did a lot of our work on google drive so it's in the cloud but she still lost a lot of stuff and when she called me in a panic, actually, her mom texted me in a panic and then I talked to her and she was panicked and it was just a series of events. Right? That can happen to anybody. Like she's super tired. She only got three hours of sleep because she's working really hard for school. Right.

We work really hard in our businesses. Sometimes we only get a few hours of sleep and then, you know, it was just a mistake. She had water next to her computer and like, boom, all over the keyboard, totally dead. By the way, this ever happens, I'm sorry, that's what I can say. If you get a little bit of water on your keyboard, flip it over as fast as possible. Turn the computer off, flip it over and let it dry out for three days. Your phone's a little different. It's a little bit more better protected, but the computer is just not. So today is a friendly service reminder. It can be short live. Just a very friendly reminder to backup your stuff today. You should be able to drop your computer into a lake and still not miss very much work.

So I know that's really hard for a lot of us. I know for me a lot of my stuff is backed up into the cloud, but even with that, it'll take me a little while to get up and running just with installing stuff and all that. But that's because I need development tools and all kinds of crazy stuff. But a lot of my stuff is in the cloud, so I'm really glad about that, which is also great because then it switches over to my phone, but that's it. Short live today. Backup your computers, backup your devices, backup the stuff that's important to you. And oh as a note, I think I've said this for, don't back it up onto a hard drive like this is my phone, but pretend it's a hard drive and set it right next to your computer.

Take the hard drive and put it in a fireproof safe. Okay? That way when you drop a whole glass of water on your computer and your hard drive because it's sitting right next to it, your hard drive backup isn't messed up either. Alright? So if you backup to a hard drive than move it away from your computer, preferably in a different location. But if you're keeping your home, they have these like little fireproof safe boxes. That's what I keep mine in. And they're waterproof too, so that, you know, most disasters, it will make it through. Or, you know, send it away, but it's harder to get it once you send it away. You could also put it in like a bank safety deposit box that would work. Actually, I used to have a friend in college who her mom would take all the negatives- so back in college, when I was in college, we, we didn't have digital photography, so we had like strips of film and she would take all of her strips of film to her safety deposit box because that was the most valuable thing in her house.

So just think about that too for your house. If your house burns down, what's in there that you need to have protected, get it out of your house and put it somewhere else. Now, granted, it doesn't mean that somewhere else isn't going to have something disastrous happened to it, but if you can, make duplicates. Because we have had houses burn in my family too. I have a big family. We have lots of stuff. That happens. But all right, get your computers backed up, your house backed up as much as you can and be ready for disasters because they happen and usually it's like the worst possible time, like in the middle of finals week or in the middle of the launch or in the middle of, you know, trying to get client work done. It's always going to be like that brutal time. So that's it. Hope that was helpful. Go back up right now. Okay.