I’m struggling and could use your help…

Oct 31, 2018How To, Stories, Systems


“The idea that you can do anything is absolutely terrifying.”

Happy Halloween, 2018. It is Halloween Day. My little dude's dressed up as construction ghost. He has a hat and a ghost outfit. He just wanted to be a ghost forever which was just totally fine with me. It's adorable.

I have a few things on my mind today and first, that is I want to say thank you. I've gotten private messages and texts and phone calls and so many wonderful positive thoughts from my live yesterday. It's sort of just reminded me that I have a big support network and I'm very, very grateful for it. You have those times where you get overwhelmed by the generosity and the love that you feel from other people. I'm in the middle of one of those times, which is great because my life is a little crazy town at the moment.

We do have to be moved out of this house that I'm sitting in by Tuesday, the 13th and I'm going to be homeless for a month, so wish me luck with that; at least I think a month. My close date at my new house that we're building is not finalized. We do have a plan. We're going to move in with somebody, that's really amazing of him, but I'm freaking out a little to get all that done and I'm also hopping on a plane tomorrow to fly to AskLive where I get to have a conversation with Ryan Levesque on stage, which is pretty fun. I'm pretty excited about that. And to get to see all my ‘Ask' friends. And then I come back right into literally pick up Alicia who works for us now at the airport and headed to a Closer's Cafe event, which is the current company.

I do still have duties for the current company through the end of the year until Ben and I officially separate, but I'm pretty excited about that because it's our black level event. It's our top level people and they're just mad rockstars. So I'm excited to get all that information.

One of the things that's been happening is I've been talking a lot and I'm actually kind of sick so if my voice sounds weird then forgive me, but I've been talking a lot to a lot of different people and I'm getting some strategies in place and one of the things that I want to do over the weekend, when I'm on the airplanes and all this stuff, is really put together a strategy for 2019 and I think when you're starting something new, it's not like you know exactly where things are going to go, but I want to have a general idea of where I want to get to.

Like, if I am trying to do a road trip and I want to end up, I'm starting in California, and I want to end up in New York. Well there are about 6 million ways I can get there, but if I know that my destination is New York by a certain time, I'm going to make it there, right? So, I'm going to build that. In a year I want to end up here and as soon as I figured that out I will tell you. I know where I want to end up in two months, but I feel like I just need a bigger plan so that these two months can work toward that next year. And uh, and so one of the things I was doing with that was with Scriptdoll. In the partnership split, I'm taking a lot of our software including Scriptdoll.

I am the software engineer, right? I coded these things so it makes sense. Ben is amazing at selling them, but not everybody codes and not everybody should code because everybody needs different skill sets. I coded it so I'm taking the code, which is fun. So I sent out to the ScriptDoll list, I sent this email, “I'm struggling and could use your help.” And I literally said, “Hey, you know, there's this book I read by Austin Kleon- I think that's how you say his name- called ‘Steal Like an Artist'. And there's this one line in there that says, “The idea that you can do anything is absolutely terrifying.” And that's so true, right? The idea that you can do anything paralyzes you and that's sort of what happens right now with me starting a new business. I've done a lot of things and I have a lot of talents and there's so much I could do that I'm excited to do, like I really want to do, that I could do anything, but I need to step back from that and just work through those feelings and focus.

I was telling my husband all these ideas I have for ScriptDoll for 2019, obviously, new scripts but also some would be like an avatar builder and mini-courses for each script in there and all these things. So sorry, I should back up. If you don't know what ScriptDoll is, it is a software that helps you write sales copy. A lot of great scripts in there. A lot of stuff we use in our business. We actually started ScriptDoll because we were writing copy so much that we needed a way to systemize it. So it falls right into line with my bigger plan of teaching business owners systems so that they're not insane and that they can grow to be the CEO instead of this like crazy workaholic. So, we're systemizing this.

There are all these ideas I have. So my husband's like, “Why are you asking me? Ask the people who use it.” So that was my I'm-an-idiot moment. I think I have one of these a day. Right? Does that happen to you or is it just me? Am I the only one who gets served back a platter of what I already know? I hope it's not just me. And so I sent out this email last night, kind of late actually for what I normally send. And, man, I woke up to like a flood of emails. All these people have all these ideas. I don't know why, it always surprises me when people reply to business emails, but it always does. Even though, I know it works and I used this strategy all the time, but it's still shocks me.

So now I have a much clearer plan; definitely was coming out of the gate in the beginning of the year because they've spoken- the people who actually use it told me what they want. So I encourage you to maybe do something similar if you're stuck. What are the people that you are helping- what do they want? Ask them. Just simply ask them. And I found it really helpful.

I try to make this really easy for them in two ways. One was to give a list of ideas that I already had- which are your favorite? And then also say, “if you had something else, definitely tell me.” And actually, two people said the same idea that was not on the list, so that one's definitely ranked up there and then the other thing I did was I simply said, “Hit reply.” I didn't ask them to do a form, I didn't ask them to do anything. And now I've started conversations with several of them. Back and forth conversations to clarify what they mean and all this stuff.

So it's been really, really great and I highly suggest that you do that if you're like overwhelmed with options like I was. And if you don't have a list, find a few people that you know that would be your target audience and have a conversation with them because I think that that's where we kind of messed up. We try to be these geniuses that know everything but really you're not as creative as all the people that you want to help and they'll tell you what to do. And my guess is that you know how to do it. So I definitely know how to do all the things that they want me to do and I'm more than happy to do that. So that'll fit into my plan. I'm really excited. I'm going to jump off here and get back to work because got a lot of things happening.

I'm actually putting together this amazing case study for you guys and that'll be available soon, I think tomorrow, no Friday, probably Friday. About an email sequence that we use in our business. I think I mentioned that- the Relationship and Revenue Sequence. I've got back the second draft from the designer and it's starting to look really good because when I just did it in word- I'm not a designer- it was awful. So I sent it off and like they're fixing it and it's amazing. So that'll be ready. I'm so excited to share that with you because one of the conversations I was having earlier with this amazing woman and she's like, “People just don't even understand what they can do with email.” and I was like, “Haha! Well, let me tell them.That's what this case study is designed to show you. And, to overcome a lot of the objections and fears that I know people have around emailing. I'm really excited about that. I'm really excited for it to get done. And have it be one of the first things that I can deliver with a lot of value with because I really want to help. So, please let me know how I can help you. I definitely take in suggestions.

The 2019 plan is getting together. The 2018 plan right now is I'm building a funnel, this lead magnet is the first thing- this case study is the lead magnet. And then I have a whole offer sequence. I'm still finalizing it and tweaking it as I go but I think it should be done and built by the end of next week. That's the plan. Only because, I'm really just gone for the next 7 days, just out. And then I've got to pack. Just like I said, in two Tuesdays- yeah, two Tuesdays- I have to be out of this house. So I have to take a little time off for personal stuff. I'm sure that never happens to you. Right? Never? Never? Alright. Well, thank's for watching. Let me know how I can help you. And again, thanks for being so supportive. You just warmed my heart. Alright. Have a great Halloween and I hope you guys have some trick or treating tonight!