How I Balanced Work and Play Today

Nov 7, 2018Stories, Video


That's the best part about being an entrepreneur and designing your own life- you can design it and then it can be very flexible, which is awesome.

Hi there, it's Monica. Happy Wednesday, November 11th, 2018. I am so excited because, I'm actually back home. I've been gone for several days and just on the go and on the go and sorry, I've got to figure out how to turn my camera the right way for videos if you've watched the previous day. I still haven't figured that out. And so it's been a really big trip for me; I went to AskLive. I got to speak there, which was fantastic. I came back to a high level mastermind for Cosers Cafe, which was also fantastic. A lot of different conversations there and it was so much fun. And then today I took a break and that's what I want to talk about today.

I've been doing this work from home thing for about 10 years and this work life balance thing and I'm a mom, my little guy's a little over two and he is so cute and so much fun and I just want to hang out with him all the time. But I have work to do and I've got missions to accomplish and so I tried to find ways to make it all work together. Today was actually a great day for that because I took him to the zoo and we hang out with one of the closest Cafe black level members and his family. He and I just really get along very well because we're both super nerdy and super into systems and numbers. And so it was great to see our kids playing and while they're playing, I'm getting an email live; and I'm delegating because I had to call in some help because I couldn't do it on my phone. And so, just that ability to call and ask for help that's definitely one of the ways that work-life balance works. If you don't have a way to get help, then you know, you're going to be out of luck a lot.

And even if that's just, a little bit of thing from somebody that you trust. I could have asked a cousin to do this or something. It was really a formatting thing. I needed help with it. It was impossible to do on the phone, but I knew I wasn't going to get back from the zoo in time to get this email out, which was really important to our business this week. So, just having that support level people who have access for when you are trying to do things like be at the zoo. And, Colson was playing, my kid was playing with other kids, so he was perfectly happy as I was putting this email together. And, it was fun to just watch him play and play and play with these people.

And so, while you may think, “Oh, you're working at the zoo.” I mean, it's a Wednesday morning and I'm at the zoo with my kid. So I think it's just perspective on that stuff too, right? I've been through a little bit of work because we switched up some stuff because hello, that's life. And I took the morning mostly off to go hang out at the zoo with my kid and on the way, while he's in the back playing and staring at things in his car seat, I actually took that opportunity to arrange a few things for our big move coming up. So I'd be out of my house by next Tuesday, the 13th. Our house is sold and our new house is not done until December 18th. So that's fun. That's really just what I want to talk to you about, be flexible and try to get stuff done before so you can obviously take full time off.

But if you can't, what can you do from your phone and what can you do while your kid is enjoying something that maybe you've seen like 50 times and you kind of over over it. I mean, I don't really need to see the reptile house yet again. I'm not that into reptiles. So, he's having a blast. There's other people there to help watch him. I'm not just like letting my toddler run crazy. So, how do you get that support and help and how do you just take everything and balance it together. And then also, I was building my relationship with this business friend and a lot of stuff going on today. And then, while I was there actually, I got some super exciting news. I actually got my first writing into Forbes online. It's like four lines, but I was just so excited.

I've had a dream to be in Forbes magazine for like ever. I still want to be in print and I will get there one day. But for right now, well maybe, I don't know, print may be dead by the time I make it, but I made it so super excited about that. And then I got to speak to one of my bestest, bestest friend in the world. Some amazing things she's doing in her business. I'm just super excited about all of this stuff. And it's been a really fun day and I've been going, going, going hard, hard, hard on business and now I'm just taking some time to do lots of fun stuff, personal, moving, hanging out with kiddo, hanging out with husband. And as a matter of fact, that's what I'm going to go do right now because I'm not here for days either.

So, have a great Wednesday. I just want you to know that like working from home and all this stuff, there's highs, there's lows, there's middle ground, but it really is what you get to make of it. And so just think about how you can incorporate everything and not have to be like this, this, this and this. Because that's the best part about being an entrepreneur and designing your own life. You can design it and then it can be very flexible, which is awesome. So have a great Wednesday, talk to you tomorrow. And ‘muah!' [blow kiss].