Happy Black Friday!

Nov 23, 2018Stories, Video


I just want you to be very conscious of what you're buying, not only in your money investment but in your time investment.

Hey it's Monica and happy Black Friday and so if you've been listening to my backstory at all, you know that at one point in my journey of entrepreneurship, I hit rock bottom and had a friend knocking at the door with papers to sue me because I couldn't pay the bills, which is not very much fun. And so on Black Friday I think it's really interesting because so many good deals are in your inbox and in your phone and in all your apps and all the different places and I just encourage you to restrain because you don't need 99% of them. One of them in my inbox, actually like four of them in my inbox, are for like 76 hours of training, digital marketing training, which is awesome except that when are you really going to go through 76 hours of training?

That's like two full work weeks. Build a funnel, do something else. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am all for training. That's what I sell. I want people to do it and take action. I actually got a really awesome Facebook messenger message from somebody today that implemented my Engineering Black Friday program and he is already sold 80 of his $200 things. So ‘boom' for Black Friday for him, right? Really excited about that, but I just want you to be very conscious of what you're buying, not only in your money investment but in your time investment because there's so many things out there that you do need and there's so many things that you don't need. So just think about that. And just to not be totally hypocritical, I've already spent money on Black Friday but on a washer and dryer for my new house, so I haven't bought any training yet.

There are a couple things I'm eyeing though, but it's definitely not going to be the 76 hours of training. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but, man, I just don't have that much time. So just when you're thinking about it, think about, do you really need it? Do you have that much time to invest? Is it really the next step in your journey? I've sort of put myself on an information diet because I just feel like I have too much coming in instead of going out. So that is what I have to say. Make sure that you're not spending money you don't have because we're all guilty of that at some point I think, and it's no fun. And do buy things that you need that are on sale or that you really, really want. Go for that. I mean do it, but the things that you like to think twice about, leave those out. Just leave them out, okay. Promise me, you will? And I'm really saying this more for me. Okay? So if I say this to you, then I make myself do it. That's one of the ways I hold myself accountable. So happy Black Friday, I hope that you have a wonderful Friday and I will talk to you tomorrow.