A Daily (sometimes hourly) Practice that Keeps Me Positive

Dec 9, 2018Stories, Video


Sometimes I need to get like 20 things that I'm grateful for her to get my attitude. Just shift into something positive.

Hey there, happy Sunday, December 9th. Happy Birthday Lisa. It's Monica here and I am going to make this one really short because I don't feel very well. And so when I don't feel good, you know, things don't go as well. I'm guessing that a lot of people out there like that. So I just want to take a minute to express gratitude because a lot of people meet me and they wonder, how I'm so happy all the time and the truth is I'm not happy all the time. I get mad like I ranted yesterday, right? But I am, most of the time I'm very happy and it's a choice and the way that I stay that way is through gratitude. So whenever something is Yucky or icky or I just don't like it or like I'm sick right now, right?

I mean I'm not super sick. I'm mild sick. I'm sick enough that I'm ready for bed and it's 8:00 at night so I'm going to go to bed and you know what, I'm grateful I have a bed to go to sleep in and a house that is nice and warm even though my house isn't finished yet. I am technically homeless even though I've got a great place to stay. So I'm just very grateful for the people in my life that helped me through these times when I need help. And that's the other thing that I wanted to talk about is that asking for help is not a bad thing. I know a lot of people wonder or people have asked me a lot, “How do you do so much?” Well, I have a lot of help and I asked for help and I don't assume that people read my mind. So, I guess those are the two things that keep me positive. I asked for help. I don't assume things or try not to- that doesn't always work because well life, right? And we're not perfect, I'm far from perfect. But I definitely try to practice gratitude.

So today I'm super thankful for the people who are so amazingly awesome enough. We drove to this two and a half mile long Christmas light thing that was all set to music and I'm like, “I don't know who bought all this stuff and put it all together and got the permits and got the licensing for the songs and got all this stuff in order to make this amazing Christmas light display where my kid was shrieking and bouncing.” And there were these cute little- they were actually like green light bulbs- but I thought that at first they were like dancing and singing pickles and so then they became pickles. So whoever made the dancing pickles, I just appreciate you

So, today I'm grateful for people who do fun stuff like that around the holidays so that we can go enjoy it when it's really yucky outside and I can just stay in my car and enjoy the ride through tunnels and lots of lights and all that good stuff. So have you ever had a moment when you're like, “Ugh”, try to think of three things that you're happy for. The things you're grateful for and you can get as simple as. One time I remember that I don't know what to be grateful for and I was sitting in my truck, I was like, I'm grateful there's air in the tires of my trucks. I'm grateful there's air for me to breathe and then it went on and went on and sometimes I need to get like 20 things that I'm grateful for her to get my attitude. Just shift into something positive.

And this is something that I do do a lot. I do it definitely daily, sometimes like six times a day depending on the day that I make. Because, you know what, everybody have these days. Nothing goes right or like life is just like “Ugh.” Then when I figured out if I'm starting to tumble into having a series of things go wrong. Generally if I stop and practice gratitude and just be really thankful and pray and just say thank you God for everything that you give me, surely that day starts getting better. So that is just what I wanted to say today. So if you're in an “Ugh” situation, just to remember that you still have something to be grateful for, so be grateful for it and your day will improve. So I'm gonna go to bed now. Talk to you tomorrow, bye.