3 Things I Learned During the 14 Day FB Live Challenge

Mar 27, 2019Stories

Today is the last day of a 14-day Facebook live challenge that I've been involved in and it has been fascinating!

Feel free to watch the live above… I'm getting this one just done under the gun because it has been a crazy day.

I'm also running another challenge for another thing so I've been working really hard on that and it's been taking up a lot of my time, which leads me to point number one that I've learned…


#1 – Something Will Always Get in the Way

Life Happens.

You're always going to want to have something else to do with your Facebook lives but there isn't time.

Do them anyway…

It's just a matter of getting it done and you're not going to be perfect every time.

For example, in one of my lives, my toddler knocked over this table behind me, like literally and I've had to do it with him sitting in my lap because you know, that's life.

I have a kid and that's part of my world.

So just make sure that you're showing up and getting them done because the people that are watching are paying attention, they actually kind of like to see that stuff.

go on popcorn GIF

And I got a few comments on that one in particular, but mostly just to check on us. 🤗

So, the first thing is that… there's always a reason not to do it, but go ahead and show up and do it because people want to see what you're up to.


#2 – You Will Probably Struggle with Ideas

The second thing is… that you're probably going to struggle with ideas.

I definitely did.

the struggle banana GIF

One of the ways I came up with ideas for my Facebook Live was to talk about what I was doing that day.

So one of my challenge days, I did some things about baking, which has nothing to do with business. It is not what my page is about, but it got a lot of interaction from some new people that don't normally interact with me.

So it was really great because the call to action on that was to get more baking tips. And I had a lot of people ask for those, which is awesome because then we all get to eat more delicious goods, right???


So think about what you get asked about all the time or even what you're googling that day because there's going to be something you're probably looking up.

Like I actually looked up a different recipe and I thought of doing about how I look up recipes and how to read through them. Toddler sleep is another one I'm looking at. So, you may see a Facebook live on toddler sleep.

But really, you don't have to be an expert. You just have to convey information that you're learning because if you are learning it, then that's great.

And definitely give credit to the original source.

I'm not saying to plagiarize. Don't copy word for word, but give the information with your twist on it so that way people can share with other people and they can read it.


#3 – Make sure that you're engaging on Facebook right before you go live.

So spending a few minutes actually commenting on some posts, commenting on some stories with fun comments. Throw some gifs in there, throw some emojis just to make sure that you're spending a few minutes engaging.

And that will warm up the Facebook algorithm, which is just a fancy word for how they determine who gets shown in people's news feeds. So, you're going to warm that up and do that before you go live so that more people will see your live.

So if you want the full structure of how to go live, what's in the live, how to make better titles, things like that, hit me up in a private message. I will get this information over to you and it will be fantastic.

I want you to be doing Facebook lives too. They are fine and they bring lots of fun comments and people into your world and into your business.