You’re An Expert At More Than You Know

Nov 25, 2018Stories, Video


Use those tools, the things that you are good at, to help others.

Hey there, happy Sunday, November 25th, 2018, it is the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we just got back and my little guy wants to say hi. Say hi. So for this morning, we go with my truck, I drive a F250 Crew Cab, Outlaw audition Ford. It's great and I love it but it needed a little maintenance and so I took it home. We drove it four hours back to Poplar Bluff because my dad's best friend can fix it in like a heartbeat. He is, I mean he's got the best shop, you guys like tools galore, like so much stuff, and like he is just a genius when it comes to fixing vehicles, especially my diesel truck where the last time I tried to take it to the dealership, they let it sit there for a week and then they're like, “Well we're going to need at least another week before I can service it. ”

And I'm like, “Y'all are crazy. That's two weeks. I need my vehicle.” So I take it back to this guy who just literally split and then he's like, “Oh, and I also did this, this, and this that you needed.” I was so happy. I was like, “Thanks Chuck.” His name is chuck. He's amazing. But I was like, “Thank you.” And he's like, “Yeah, you had this going on with your battery. And I fixed that.” Otherwise the truck wouldn't start at some time and you know, all this stuff, right? He just knows what he's talking about and you can always tell when people know that because they do stuff like that. They're like, “Oh yeah, and this and this and this.” Right. Which is just super great. I loved it and he's like, “Hey, I need your help.” And I'm like, “Okay, what do we need?

Like you fixed my truck. You did all these things, whatever you need.” He's like, “I cleared all these codes.” I don't even know what he's talking about to be honest with you, but I'm just so appreciative. And so he said, “Oh, I just need some help with my computer.” Well, alrighty then. So I'm thinking this is going to be something difficult. Right? Here's what the man needs to know- how to change his homepage when he opens Internet explorer and yes, he's using Internet explorer to his email. Okay. That's it. I just had to literally like changed the settings for his homepage and then I had to show him how to print pictures so that he could fax them because these people don't email. Apparently they're still using fax and I was like, that's all he needed. He was like, “Yeah.”

And I was like, “Are you sure?” So like I was just like, well that's easy. I feel like you did a whole lot more than I did, but I literally just saved him at least 30 seconds every time he opens his browser because he had to navigate three different places to get to where he was trying to go. So that one little change, it was going to save him a lot of time over time. Right. And so when you think you're not an expert, sometimes you are. And even just little things like that help people do that kind of stuff. And I see this all the time too, when I go to conferences, I'm always like, “Hey, how can I help?” And people are like, “Oh, well there's this little technical thing…” So like all the little technical things like that, I'm just really good at that.

And even if I don't know it, I can figure it out really fast because when I Google something, my years of knowledge go behind that Google search. And that's true for you too and your area of expertise. So even if you're googling something for somebody, it's usually more helpful for you because you can interpret the results faster because of what you know. So don't forget to realize that you're an expert in a lot of things. [I'm getting a big ball thrown at me. Sorry, Shaky table.] You're an expert in a lot of things. And use your expertise to help others. Even if you feel like you may not be an expert, I'm pretty sure you could have set his home page right? But, or you could have googled it and figured it out because it's not that hard, but you are probably more of a computer expert than he is or somebody else in your life. So use those tools, the things that you are good at to help others.

Thankful for you this weekend. It's Thanksgiving weekend and it's over and we all get to go back to Cyber Monday. I'm also excited to let you guys know how the Engineering Black Friday sale stuff has gone. I've actually been talking to a few people about their sales and I'm really excited. And then the other stuff that I promised you. So I think that all wrap up tomorrow so I'll probably, will tell you about that on Tuesday. Alright. Have a fantastic Sunday night and go Titans tomorrow.