Why I’m Grateful I’m Homeless

Nov 13, 2018Stories, Video


When you want something you have to go through the obstacles and some obstacles are easier than others. It's tough but I try to just remember what I'm grateful for.

Tuesday, the 13th of November, I just realized this is my aunt's birthday, I need to call her, and I just wanted to drop in real fast and let you know. So, um, I think if you've been paying attention, you know that I was selling our house and moving in to new one. So I've got a six week gap of homelessness. And I'm really actually pretty grateful for it because it's a pretty humbling experience and I'm grateful that I got such amazing friends that will let me come stay in their house because clearly I'm in a house and I've got really great friends that are letting us stay with them. So we packed up and moved out of the house this morning and I cried so much. So many tears because that house has a lot of good memories for me.

So, but I'm really grateful for all it's given us and it's time to move on into our bigger house, which hopefully will be done in December right before Christmas. So I've got about six weeks. So, there's definitely always obstacles in the way of getting things that you want, right? Like, I want this new house and it's a bigger house, a nicer house, beautiful house, and I've designed it and picked it out and this is just one of those obstacles. We put our house on the market, it sold, I put it on the market on Thursday. We had the offer on Sunday and it closed. It was super fast. I was expecting it to go a little bit slower and we'd have a little bit of time, but no.

So here's my obstacle. I've got six, six weeks of homelessness stuff over the holidays. And then, you know, there's just weird things that come with that, right? Like, “Where do I send my Christmas gifts?” Then people were like, “Oh, well what's your forwarding address?” And I was like, “Well, I don't really know yet.” So, it's just how life works. When you want something you have to go through the obstacles and some obstacles are easier than others. And this one is relatively easy considering, but one thing I always try to do and it's really, really tough is to try to just remember what I'm grateful for because even though I don't really have a place to live, I do because of amazing friends and it just reminds me of how much I'm loved.

So today I would encourage you to think about what you're grateful for and sometimes, you know, when I started this practice of gratitude, some days I would be like, “I'm grateful for the air in my tires. I'm grateful for a pen to write with and things like that.” Sometimes, if you're just really down and sad, you just have to think about, even the tiny little things. Like, you're grateful for the blanket that you have.

So I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm very thankful for that. So I hope that you are grateful for something today. I would love to hear what it is. Leave it in the comments and I will talk to you tomorrow.