The email that got a ton of response and is helping me plan 2019…

Dec 6, 2018Stories, Video


If you are a little confused on what you should be doing in 2019 with your products or something that you may already have, GO ASK YOUR USERS.

Hello, hello, happy Thursday, December sixth, 20 19…18. Just gave away a whole year there. It's Monica here and I wanted to talk to you today about an email that I sent that got so much amazing response that I was blown away. And so I wanted to share it with you because, it was an interesting email. It was fun to write and I thought that it might help you because it helped me. It's helping me plan my 2019. So I've had some ideas swirling around in my head for awhile and I've been working on them. And then, I realized that I needed help, right? So I asked my husband and my husband was like, “Why are you asking me? Ask your users.” All right, thanks, husband. Anyway, he's great. So this is the email I sent.

Basically I said I'm struggling and I referenced a book. So I gave a little bit of story ahead of time. I think story is really important for engaging people and also so that people can get to know you better. So I read this book called Steal Like an Artist and this thing has been stuck in my head ever since. And it is the idea that you can do everything or anything. It's absolutely terrifying and it's so true because I think a lot of us get stuck there in that paralysis of too much information and [excuse me], we live in an information world right now, so that's a really easy place to get stuck. And so I'm trying to get unstuck from there. And that's what this email says. I put the copy of the email into the text above so you can read the whole thing.

And then I listed out all the ideas that were swirling around in my head. Okay. Because I have a lot of ideas, but I can't really execute all of them- I can execute all of them, it just what order do I want to execute them in, right. So listed out all of those. And then basically said, “Hey, told them a story about what my husband said, is why, why are you asking me? He was telling my husband and so I was like, “Duh, what do you want?” So then I say, “Can you do me a quick favor, hit reply and tell me what you'd like to see.” So this email address, is my email address. It comes back to me. And so I got so many great answers and started so many great conversations and people also give me lots of ideas because the next thing I said was, it doesn't have to be something I mentioned above. I'm open to all ideas, smiley face. So I want people to know that they can tell me their product feature requests, and they did- a lot of things that I hadn't even thought of. People responded with like, “Well, can you do this and can you do this?” I'm like, “Sure, actually I can do that.” And so now I'm taking all that feedback and synthesizing it and working on my 2019 plans for Scriptdoll. That I'm really excited about because I love Scriptdoll. I think it's a fun software and it's super helpful. I use it all the time. But this is the email that really is helping guide 2019 and I love it because it comes from the users and the people who are most passionate about using it. So if you are a little confused on what you should be doing in 2019 with your products or something that you may already have, go ask your users. And, feel free to use this template, like, use this as a template because I think it was really a fun.

I mean it just started so many great conversations. I have people just come back to me and it'd be like, well, “I really want this or this,” or “Hey, I really liked the mini course idea or I love this avatar builder.” Actually that was a huge one. Everyone loved the Avatar builder. And it's funny because a few of them, nobody wanted, nobody responded to that at all. So guess what's going to go on the lowest priority because I still think they're important. Otherwise they wouldn't be in my head, but now they get down the letter. So anyway, use this, send out to your people. I'd love to hear your results. Have a great Thursday and I'll talk to you tomorrow.