How to Create Info Products Fast

Nov 14, 2018Stories, Video


I'm seeing what offers hit and if I spent all my time creating product instead of creating offers, then I wouldn't know what people wanted to buy. So get out there. Launch D-I-L-L style.

Hey there, happy Wednesday, November 14th, 2018. It is Monica here. I am a little cold. It's cold here. Brrr. We're here in Nashville, Tennessee where I live and today I wanted to share with you something that I did this morning that I think is pretty cool. And people that were doing it with me thought it was cool. So I thought I'd share it with you today.

Over the weekend I think I told you that I got an idea to do a course on Black Friday preparation because a lot of people in the audience that I share with my current business partner are information product creators or they want to be and they have email lists. So I was like, “Hey, you know, let's create this course to get them ready for Black Friday.” Because when I was at AskLive, I talked to a bunch of people that are like, “Oh, I'm not doing anything for Black Friday. ” And I'm like, “What? That's ridiculous. You should be doing something for Black Friday. It's Black Friday.” People have their wallets out there ready to spend money. They're like stuffed full of Turkey and wanting to spend money. So why are you not going to let them spend money with you? Ridiculous. Right. And so, this idea came to me when I was last week at- oh my goodness, the weeks are blurred, you guys, between moving into events. I just can't even think straight- at our Closers Cafe Black level event, I was like, “Oh, we should do this.” And I think I talked about that a few days ago, but I was like, “Let's do this product.” And Ben was like, “Okay, let's launch it to the list. ” And I was like, “Okay.” So I put together the product.

Here's the trick, you guys. I did the product, what I called ‘DILL' style, which D I L L stands for, Do It Live Later. Right? Do it live later. Okay. So we sent out the promotion. What's great is that when you write the promotion, you're basically writing the outline for what you're going to teach. So in the promotion, in your emails or your sales page, just write out an outline of what you're going to teach because here's the thing, you don't know if it's going to hit or not, right? So I don't like this whole taking a ton of time to create a product and then launching it and see if people like it. Put the offer together before you do the product. Now if you've got some supplemental things, like I added a bonus that was a product that I already had done to the offer. And in the emails, I didn't do a sales page for this. We sent them straight to cart. And so in these emails I talked about how it would be a live event and the people on the live call get some special benefits for being there. So that's the other key that I want you to know.

So if you're going to do it live later, first of all, let people know that there is a live event that they get to attend and reward them for being there. So in this particular, Black Friday product, I talked about a couple of things about how to create an offer and the people who were on the call, I did offer creation for what they have, right? So I went through their products and did it with them as the examples, which is great for them, right? Because they get sort of one-on-one coaching because they showed up live. Okay. They get rewarded for that. They take the time out. They jumped into this product without knowing what it would be. I mean they've got the sales pitch, but they jumped in, they trusted me enough so they get some special benefits, right? So that is how you do it.

Then you get feedback because as you go, you ask questions and they answer your questions and of course at the end you take questions. So there, you know, where you're missing the mark in what you already had presented. Then you can go back and do it again and do it better. And then the last thing that I love to do is ask them, this is something I actually got from Ryan Levesque of the Ask Method. He does this all the time. It's like, “What's your biggest takeaway?” And I love it because, well, frankly it's a little bit of an ego boost because they're like, “Oh, this part was great.” I was like, “Yes!” It helps me know what resonated the most with them so I can also put that on the sales pitch the next time. Right. So what resonated with them? What really hit home. That's the stuff that you want to be pitching, right? Because the key takeaways are not really necessarily what you think that they're going to be, right? Plus everybody's a little different and they get all different things.

So that's how you do it live later. Okay. You basically write a promotion that says I'm going to do a live. You do the live, which I did this morning. I had some great turnout, great feedback and the product outline was built into the sales page. So I just built slides around that. I literally took my product, the sales copy I'd written, pasted it into the slides, made sections in powerpoint and popped in the stuff. That's how I did this. And of course deliver a ton of value, which I think a lot of people in the call said amazing thing. So I think it went really well and actually.

And on the call, the other thing that they got was that I talked about another email sequence that I use in our business and I was like, “Well, do you want that?” They're like, “Yeah.” So I even got to deliver more and know some other stuff. And then two guys actually gave me different product ideas and like on the call live with people, like, “Hey, does anybody else want that?” because if it's just this guy, I don't know if that's really worth my time. I said it a little nicer than that. I was like, “Hey, you know, I don't want to create a product if nobody wants it.” And then everybody was like, “Yes!” So this is why I love the ‘do it live later', DILL style of product creation because you get so much feedback and would just get to talk to people in a conversation. We did it on a technical level with GotoWebinar. So it is a webinar style and you could use zoom, whatever that you want, but just get your offers out there, make more offers. That's what I'm trying to do.

I'm on a mission to replace my income by the end of the year because my business partner and I are going our separate ways. Very friendly. We love each other, no bad blood, just we just want to do different things. So I'm seeing what offers hit and if I spent all my time creating product instead of creating offers, then I wouldn't know what people wanted to buy. So get out there, launched a DILL style product. I would love for you to do that and let me know if you do or let me know if you want more information.

This is a pretty short video. I'm not really trying to pitch. I just did this today and I was really excited about how well it went and I realized that we actually do this a lot in our business and sometimes I forget. On the call I was explaining this to people and they were mind-blown. So I want to blow your mind too.

So, just letting you know that's one way to create a product. So. All right, have a great rest of your Wednesday and I will be back here tomorrow with some more fun stuff and I hope you have a great night. Bye.