Give Yourself the Pressure

Nov 8, 2018Stories, Video


It takes weeks to pull up a promotion. No, it doesn't. Just a few days- a good offer, some emails and the ability to believe in yourself enough to deliver a product live. 

Hello, hello, happy Thursday, November eighth. I hope you're having a great Thursday and it is such a fun day here. Earlier this week I was in a mastermind and it was for our Closers Cafe Black level, which is the top level of this program that my business partner and I put together. So we bought all the top performers into Nashville, had these great conversations and as we were doing that, I had just gotten back from AskLive as well. I've been talking to a bunch of people and they were telling me how none of them really have a black Friday promotion put together. And I was like, well that's insane, because Black Friday is not just for retail, it is also for digital products. So if you have any sort of things to sell you should be putting together your Black Friday promo.

And so I was telling my business partner Ben this and he's like, “That's a good idea”. And I was like, “I think I'm going to do a product around it.” He was like, “Well, let's launch it to our big list”. So here I am, that was Tuesday, we are going live with this product tomorrow. The email went out yesterday and this email funnel that we use is seven email, sorry, five or seven emails depending on what we're doing. We are not writing a sales page for it, we're just doing it and then I'm not even doing the course until next week. I'm going to do it live so that people could ask me questions and get a lot of information and then we are doing an up sell for it as well. And I just wanted to tell you all that for a couple reasons. First of all, don't think that you have to plan something for a decade to make it happen.

This was literally thought of on Tuesday. It is now Thursday and we are going live with it to our list. We did have something planned for our list but it was the resale of an old product. So in our world, new product beats old product almost every time, so we're switching it up. And this kind of deadline for me is really motivating. I know that if I have to get something out to our list and I owe something to our customers that I will not miss that deadline, like ever because of so many reasons. I just have a huge responsibility for them. And, I want to see them succeed, which is why I want to get this Black Friday promo out the door for them. So, I'm really excited about it. It goes live tomorrow and so far all the work has been- to think of the offer and write some emails and then next week we'll actually deliver the product.

And I'm just telling you this because I think a lot of people just really overthink all these things. And when it comes down to it, if you're not making enough sales, you're probably not making enough offers and you're probably not making enough of the right kind of offers. And one of the fastest ways to know if you're making the right kind of offers is to make more offers. So I was thinking about that Tuesday when I was thinking of this offer. I was like, “I want to put something out about Black Friday” Because we've been talking about a lot and people are doing nothing. I mean, it's just such an opportunity for sales that people are in their inbox. They're looking for sales from retailers. They've been training, but they could also be getting something, something from you. Now there's a key to this that makes it work.

We did it last year and that's not to put together an offer that sounds like leftovers because nobody really likes leftovers that much. If you're that one person that does, let me know. I don't know. Did you like leftovers? I think they're okay, but I definitely prefer the fresh pie on the day of Thanksgiving. So that's the kind of offer we're teaching people to do. So I'm pretty excited about this. It is just going out to our email list. So if you do want in on this, I can probably hook you up with a link just send me a private message and I'll see what I can do, because like I said, it's kind of an exclusive offer to our list right now, but if you really want it on this, I can show you how to do this too. Like I said, be teaching it live next week, so you'll get to ask some questions. All right. I hope that helps you get over any stumbling blocks you may have of like, “Oh, it takes weeks to pull up a promotion.” No, it doesn't. Just a few days- a good offer, some emails and the ability to believe in yourself enough to deliver a product live. So what can you do in just a few days? That's my challenge to you. All right. That's it for today. I'll talk to you tomorrow and have a happy Thursday.