Day 5 of Events and My Brain is Jumbly

Nov 5, 2018Stories, Video


Hey there, it's Monica and I'm at the end of the five-day in a row of live events and, my brain is fried. I have so much information and I've gone back and forth from like, “Oh, I want to do this and I want to do that” So many ideas and it's just so hard to take all this information and process it and it really makes me tired. I don't think I'm the only one, but I hope that maybe you can relate or maybe you don't know. I didn't know this when I first started going to events that three days in, it takes me three days to recover. Not only am I processing all this new information, but I'm trying to respond to all the things that came up during the events and just process all the stuff that I learned and make sure that- there's a mosquito trying to eat me here- that I do everything I said I would do because I think I said it- I think it was yesterday's video. I don't even know what day it is right now- that you help people, right? Like, how can I help you?

And so I want to make sure I make good on all of this promises and, then there's also the downtime for you to think about your business. So when I'm flying and stuff, I think a lot of my life has been decided on an airplane. I've flown like a million miles because when I started my career with Ernst and Young, I was on a plane all the time. And then when I worked for the Knot, I live in Los Angeles but the office I spent the most time was in Austin. So I've put a lot of time on a plane and it's a good place to think because, well there used to not be a Wifi but now there is, but I don't use it because I'm just so used to it.

So I'm pretty jumbly and this is just going to be an update on the progress day. I have no insights today. My brain is fried. Except that this is part of the process, right? Like your brain gets fried and then you take a breather. And this is why I try to prioritize my daily journaling and thinking, but it doesn't always work. I didn't get to do it this morning. My adorable little two-year-old woke up at 3:00 AM. He was so excited. Mommy was home. He wanted to get up and play. And I was like, “It's 3 AM kid, let's go back to bed.”

So, I'm so tired. It's been a lot of days. And, anyway, I hope you're having a fabulous Monday. And a little motivation is that, even though I know this is making me uncomfortable and tired, I'm willing to do it because I got things to do to change this world and help you. So I hope that- actually I know it all be worth it. So, all right. Have a happy Monday and I will see you tomorrow. Bye.