Backstage At ASKLive!

Nov 2, 2018Stories, Video


Monica: Hi everybody! It's Monica and Robert, look who I found. We're backstage at AskLive. Can you show them? Oh yeah, behind the scenes. And over there, look, look over there. That's where the magic happens. I might get in trouble for doing this. I didn't think about that. So Robert and I, are about to go on a panel and I don't want to reveal a secret, but I'm super excited. It's, what's today? Friday, November second?

Robert: Yep!

Monica: Well, that's the comeback song. Everybody's going back to their seats. Anna get in here. We're doing a Facebook live.

Robert: We're fifteen minutes from the stage.

Monica: Anna here is helping… you tell them.

Anna: Okay. I'm a co-founder of a startup that helps kids age five to twelve to learn Chinese through downloadable coloring books.

Monica: Isn't that incredible.? Oh my goodness. Right? So Robert, tell us what you do.

Robert: I help real estate agents grow their business online.

Monica: That's so awesome. So I just wanted to drop in a quick hey from backstage because that's awesome and so much fun, right? So hey, let me know how your day's going and if you're here AskLive, come meet us in person after the panel. Okay. Bye.