4 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Superhero Powers

Mar 19, 2019Stories, Video

It's Monica and I am really excited today because over the weekend I was watching Captain Marvel, which is a great movie. So much fun. And of course, part of the Marvel Universe, which is all about superpowers and superheroes.

There's a part in the movie where she had to learn how to use her superpowers. And it was really cool! And I just thought to myself, “Why don't we do that? Why don't we develop our superpowers?”

Well, first we gotta figure out what they are.

And so I went googling  and I've got four questions for you today that are really powerful to finding out what your superpower is and really excited to share this with you today.

The 1st one is… “What comes naturally to you?”

Like, ‘What is it that you don't even know that you're so good at because you're so good at it?' This is something that you could think back from junior high or high school. Something that you were just really, really good at that you just sort of take for granted.

This one's really easy to overlook.

When I thought about this, I thought, “Okay, what did I do in high school that helped me with my superpowers?” And there's some stuff I really struggled with, but a lot of times I realized that I process information very quickly.

And what that means for me in school was that I got bored very quickly. So I would do my homework from one class in another class and I would get in trouble for it all the time. I could multitask and still keep my grades really high. Graduated, not at the very top of my class, but up there.  🏆🥇👩‍🎓

Even now I get in trouble or used to get in trouble in corporate America for like doodling or doing something else during meetings because it's really hard for me to process information slowly cause I picked it up really quick.

I am doing this 14-day training and the trainer, the information, is all amazing. He's incredible but he talks very slow which drives me insane. I can't handle it, so I had to find a way to speed up Facebook videos, which by the way there's a great Google chrome plug-in for that.

So, I process information quickly.  Anyway, again, the question is ‘What comes naturally to you?' 

The 2nd question is… When are you the most confident?

Like, “When is it that you take charge of a situation or you feel good at learning the next step?” That is a key indicator that that could be a superpower of yours.

For example, is there a hobby that you have or something that you just really do and you're like, “Oh, I could do more of this and I could get better at this.” And that is an indicator of your superpower.

You gotta think… when Iron Man started, he didn't really have all the powers that his suit has now and  he's upgraded over time. It started out smaller.

So think about those things that you can do that makes you really confident and you want a good go in the direction of that.

The 3rd  question is… “What are you always being asked for help with?”

So this is your friends and your family and people just come up to you and they just ask you for help on the same subject over and over and over.

I get asked a lot about a few things, but really what I've learned over the years is that people call me when they are the most sad or they need hope. And so one of the things that I've found, it's one of my superpowers, is that after thinking about this question is that I actually really help people see things in a different way and give them hope.

Don't just take the surface level of what it is. Think really hard about what are they really asking you because you know, I've got several people that only call me when their life is like in the gutter… like things are not going well.

And I never get mad about that by the way, because I feel honored that they called me. But what they're really looking for is a different perspective. So that's actually one of my superpowers and I've come to learn that over time.

But asking that question of, how am I always ask for help?, really helped me figure that one out.

The last question out of the four questions is… “What makes time disappear for you?”

So when Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, like he doesn't remember that. Bruce doesn't remember Hulk, right? And Hulk doesn't remember Bruce.  So they have this interesting dynamic where they don't remember.

The Hulk just smash, smash, smash and his superpower is to do that.

But Bruce Banner doesn't remember that.

So what do you do that just makes time disappear? Is it, you know, woodworking or is it, you know, playing music or painting or something like that could be your superpower.

I, when I craft, I'm like, what time is it? Or actually, when I'm really deep into writing. I really love writing. And so, time sort of disappears from me on that.

So what is it that makes time disappear for you? That's your clue.

So those are my four questions.

Let's recap.

The Four Questions to Ask Yourself to Find your Superhero Powers:

❓  What comes naturally to you? 

❓   When are you the most confident?

❓   What are you most asked for help?

❓   What makes time disappear for you?

Now go ask yourself those four questions, and start discovering your superpower and start working toward making that better.

Like I said, all the superheroes have to develop their power. So don't think that you just got to start with all this power. Start developing it with these four questions. Okay?

So if you want five more questions that you can ask to discover your superpower, send me a private message, and I will get those over to you.

Really excited for you to discover your superpower. And I will talk to you tomorrow.