4 Free Tools You Can Use to Make Gorgeous Graphics

Mar 23, 2019Stories

I am here really quick to show you the four free tools that you can use to make gorgeous graphics for anything that you need from ebooks to social media graphics.

#1 – Canva

The first one you've probably heard about, but I can't live without it, so I definitely think it deserves a mention is canva.com. You can see my Canva account here (screenshot).

I've been resizing my fun graphics for my five days sensational skin challenge. I've made some healthy dessert protein shake recipe books and it's been so much fun.

I make ebooks on here. Facebook covers, social media images. I just love this site…

But where I go to get my pictures for it?…

#2 – Pexels.com or Unsplash.com

Both of these are free sites that have stock photos and you can get so many really cool images here for free.

The other place I love to go is…

#3 – Creativemarket.com

Every Monday morning you can click this gift free good of the week and you can download them right to your thing or you can save them to your account, which is great.

I think this picture is so pretty. And then I love all the different graphics and fonts that they have here.

And speaking of fonts, I am addicted this site called…

#4 – Wordmarket

It's got a chrome plugin and once you download it, it'll actually show you all the fonts that you have on your computer, which is super cool because, “Oh, it's so hard to find the right font. I literally could spend days on this.”

So that is how I create really pretty things really quickly so that I can get them out and get them tested and see how they work. If you would like additional tips on how to make your graphics beautiful, not just free tools but like how to actually do the design, send me a message in my messenger and I will be happy to get those to you.

Have a great day.