3 Ways to Improve Your Delegating

Nov 10, 2018Stories, Video


‘WE' does not get anything done.

Individuals get things done as a team.

Hello, hello, happy Saturday, November 10th, 2018. It is Monica here and I am in the middle of packing and moving. So this is going to be a short video, but I just wanted to pop in and give you some ideas on how I've improved my communication over the years when delegating. So I have had lots of teams throughout my entire career and I've noticed that the better I am at communicating, the more things get done properly or at least for what I was trying to do. Now I'm not trying to tell you to control your team because that doesn't really work, but when delegating, it's always great to have a few guidelines in mind. The first thing is in a meeting, anytime that you say, “Oh, we are going to do this.” Okay, now stop. ‘WE' does not get anything done. Okay. You need to assign tasks to a person or make somebody responsible for making sure they get it done.

I've been correcting this for a while in meetings and it's just one of those things that people know not to do around me anymore. So much so that I've almost forgotten that I'd do it, but it's really important because ‘we' does not get anything done. Individuals get things done as a team. Each people like you guys can have different things to do, but ‘we' did not accomplish the goal in the sense that somebody has to do it. Yes, a team accomplishes a goal, but ‘we' does not get that done. We leave things unclear and nobody knows what they're supposed to do, so make sure in a meeting if you say, “Oh, let's do this.” No, no, no, “You do this. I'll do this, and here's our deadline. Got It.” That'll help all those things get done.

The second one is that when you're delegating, don't ask someone to do something. It actually works really well with my toddler too and so if you have a kiddo at home, you can try this with them too, but basically you don't say, “Hey, could you do this?”

No, no, no, no. You say, “Could you do this.” Take the question out of it like you're asking for somebody on your team to do something, so don't make it optional by making it a question. This is also true, again with my toddler, so I'm very clear. Just you're not asking a question. You're telling somebody to do something. So just tell them. Don't ask them if it's okay or if they want to because sometimes you just need things done.

The third one is let them know what results you expect. If you have one in mind, people are not mind readers. If you expect things to be done on a daily basis by 10:00 AM for something. Maybe you're scheduling out content with your VA or something like that. Let them know your expectations.

Also expect for them to fail every once in a while. Not everything gets done perfectly, so plan for that to happen and then you will be less frustrated. But the clearer you are about what you want as a result, the more that person is going to want to give you that result for two reasons. First of all, they understand their goal and people like to hit their goals, and the second reason is because when people know what's expected of them, they just feel a lot more comfortable doing the work.

So those are my three quick tips for how to delegate a little bit better with the people that are on your team and that you have the ability to control their work. So I hope that helps. I would love to hear how you do this. If you have a team or something that you struggle with, for delegating to your team, send me a private message or leave it in the comments and I will read it and I would love it. All right. Have a great Saturday. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.