ceo Power Hour

This 55 minute power hour is designed to fast-track your business, get you unstuck, and propel you forward.

Sometimes, you just need an expert's brain on your business for a bit to push through to the next level!

The CEO Power Hour Session

A lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time when you are laser-focused.

That's why, during your call booking, I ask a series of questions for some background on your business, your goals, and for 1-3 specific issues you want to focus on during the call.

Before we leave the call, you will have a prioritized action plan for the next steps so you are 100% clear on what needs to happen next to achieve your goals.

Also, the session is recorded and you will receive the recording so you can go back at any time and review it.

What Can Be Done in the Power Hour?

In a power hour, 1-3 things can be tackled and handled!

Here are some ideas of things I've tackled in the past with clients:

✓ find hidden revenue
✓ clarify big dreams
✓ create a plan to achieve a goal
✓ improve an offer
✓ handle staffing issues
✓ create a plan for a system
✓ determine a marketing argument
answer “do you think this is good?”
create Visual Velocity™
fix design issues
solve mystery tech problems
and much, much more

 The CEO Power Hour Investment

The investment for the CEO Strategy Session is $500.

I am very confident that you will receive way more than $500 worth of implementable advice that will help you break through your barriers and solve the problems you're having. However, if you don't feel your investment was worth it, simply let me know on the call and I'll issue a refund.

1:1 COACHSulting™

If you're ready to go beyond a course and get 1:1 help to achieve your dreams, then Coachsulting™ is for you! 

The Coachsulting™ Experience

We'll kick-off your experience with a 90-minute call to determine your exact goals and create a detailed plan to achieve them using business systems.

Next, I'll add the plan details to Trello to track your goals and next steps. This ensures you stay on track and can meet your goals!

We'll meet weekly for 45 minutes to review the plans, actions taken, bust through any barriers, dial in the systems, and keep you moving forward.

Along the way, I'll give you all the templates I use to help you get the work completed quickly!

Who Is This Best For?

This is perfect for you if you want to create a system in your business that you can't quite do on your own.

Here are some systems I can help you create:

webinar launch to evergreen
✓ a self-liquidating offer funnel (SLO/Catcher Funnel)
✓ an application funnel
✓ a blogging system
✓ a long-term email nurture system
✓ a budget & forecasting system
✓ an outsourcing system
pretty much any system you can think of (this is what I used to do for Fortune 500 companies)

What Outcome Can I Expect from This?

You can expect that, if you do the work as planned, you will get one system fully built and running in your business. 

The Coachsulting™ Investment

The investment for the Coachsulting™ is $2,000 per month with a 3-month commitment.

Because of the time investment needed for each Coachsulting client, I can only work with a few at a time.