The #1 Thing You Must Stop Doing Today if You Want to Succeed

Mar 17, 2019How To, Stories

Hello, hello. Happy Sunday night. It's Monica.

It's eight o'clock my time. I need to be putting my kid to bed, but I'm in this 14 day challenge and I need to get this done. So I have to feel alive every day for these 14 days. This is day five. There's no way I'm getting out of this now. Like that's just ridiculous.

So I wanted to bring you something today…

I want to know if you feel like there's stuff you need to do but you don't do it…

And I think that the number one reason holding you back, is the same thing that sort of holds me back and I am breaking through it twice today. I wanted to come and share that with you.

The thing is actually PERFECTIONISM.

Today we were reorganizing the pantry. My husband is amazing and he put up a new, very top shelf. We have high ceilings now, so we had room for one more shelf that I will never be able to reach without a ladder because let's just face it, I'm five foot nothing.

So, a top shelf, which was awesome, and then we really needed a spice rack, which I know is kind of silly, but all of our spices pile up and it's just really difficult to find them, so I want to build one.

One of our hobbies is woodworking and I want to build one, so is my husband.

But I know that with the long list of things to do in this new house, it's going to take us at least six months to get this done.

Our garage is a mess.

Our tools are scattered.

Things are just not in place to make that happen.

So I said to my husband, done is better than perfect and that is the number one thing that you need to change.

You need to realize that getting it done is way better than making it perfect.

In an ideal world, we would have a gorgeous hand-made spice rack that was finished and polished and beautiful; but the reality is I NEED a spice rack.

So we went to Lowe's and we got one. Now I have a place for my spices and I can see them. Done was better than perfect.

Can I come back later and fix it? Absolutely. But it's done.

That's what's also happening with this video. This hair has not been washed since last Sunday, or maybe even Saturday. I got 7-day hair here. It's not looking cute. This is not my cutest hair, Okay?

And I have no make up on. I have not washed my face today, which is actually really unusual. I have not worn a jewelry. I just have on my, this ring.

It's a mess back here. But, I'm coming to you because I want to bring you value. And, I want to make your day a little bit better.

So, the one thing you have to stop is believing that something has to be perfectly done. Stop it. Just stop it right now. Alright?  ❌🚫

Here's what I would love…

If you agree with me, and I hope that you do because this thing has actually changed my life in more ways than just a pantry and coming to you live…

The idea is, when I stop being so perfect, I had to deliver more. And when I deliver more, I get more value out to people and that's really how you make money– you give more value to people.

The bottom line, the more value you give to the more people, the higher your income. If you are procrastinating because it's not perfect then you can't make the money that you want.

And this is true if you have a job or a business. It doesn't matter.

If you are too busy trying to be perfect, then it's not going to get done and you're not going to able to learn from the mistakes that are inevitably going to happen.

So done is better than perfect. Deliver it. Whatever it is that you need to get done, get it done. Get it out the door, check the box off and improve it if you have to later. Got It.

Two things…  if you agree with me, leave me a comment. Let me know a way that you're going to do that.

And second, if you want another one of my awesome tips to accomplish more of your goals, then send me a private message and I will be getting that to you because I have lots of them including going live on Facebook with seven day old hair.

So I hope this helped you tonight. And like I said, drop me a comment or send me a private message if you want more tips and also let me know if you agree or disagree. All right? I will talk to you tomorrow.