How To Get Your Toddler To Sit Still During FB Live

Mar 16, 2019How To, Stories

Monica: “No! Don't move that. Don't move that. Look. Come here. Come here. You got to come say hi to everybody on Facebook. I need you to say hi…”   This is my toddler. I'm going to try and get him to sit still.

Monica: “… What are you going to do, buddy? What is this? You don't know? How can mommy get you to sit still? Our live might be over. Oh boy. Oh boy. Right. Mommy doesn't know where it went. There it is. “What's this?- Paper? That's not paper. Oh boy.”

Hi, I'm Monica. This is my Kiddo. ❤❤❤

Today's challenge in the 14-day challenge was to do a video on something ‘you don't know how to do'.

I don't know how to get this guy to sit still. So this is my, I-don't-know-how-to-make-my-child-sit-still video because that's the challenge.

Today my nanny was out and I'm trying to have a meeting. My kid is standing right next to me, doing what kids do… playing with the lotion… 😭😭😭

I had six meetings. One of them, thank God,  was another mother because she totally understand.

So, if you know how to keep a child contained while trying to work when your childcare falls through or they're sick. I would love to hear it…

If you're a parent who's ever tried to work with some kid around, I would love to hear your tips and tricks. Message them, leave them in the comments.

So please, if you know how to do this, then let me know how to keep a child still and occupied while you're trying to work.

That is it for us today. Short live again. No idea how to make this happen but if you do, you let me know.

You see, how many times do you say, ‘Let's not play with that. Let's not do that.'  

Ah life with toddlers!

Okay. If you know how to control a child while you're trying to work or even like get them to calm down for more than 10 minutes, because that's about the max length I've ever succeeded in and that was with an iPad, I would love to hear it.

So drop me a comment or leave me a private message with your secret tricks. Thank you.