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I had a friend asked me how I minimize my pores and I was like, “Ha!”.

And I thought about it for a minute and I was like, “Oh well I’ve got a few ways that I do that.”

So I thought I would come and share them with you today.

#1 – Keep Your Hands Off Your Face.

Now this one’s actually really hard for me because of my kiddo.

He’s a toddler, he’s two and a half and his hands are all over my face. So with his hands on my face, I definitely try to keep my hands off my face.

What that does is, when you put your hands on your face or other stuff, bacteria and dirt get into your pores. And that’s what makes them look bigger, right?

A pore is basically like a little hole in your face, which it needs for your skin to breathe, but when stuff gets in there, that’s when it looks bigger. So you want to minimize that.

Okay, so keep your hands off your face and if you can, keep your kids’ hands off your face, which I realize is much harder. 

#2 – If you have like this luminizing powder that you love, go for it. Just not where your pores are big.

Don’t put it there.

You can put it over other places that you want to shine but where your pores are big, if you highlight that area of your face, guess what- It’s just going to make your pores look bigger.

So stop using that shimmery powder, your luminizing powder, your highlighting powders or anything that brings attention to that area. 

#3 – I love to use a clay mask to pull out all the grime and gronk at least once a week.

So put on a clay mask, give yourself a few minutes, even if you’re a mom or you know, got a million things going on… Do it while you’re doing the dishes or doing something else.


Pop on that mask.   

And then it will draw out stuff from the deep, deep depths of your pores so that they get cleaned out and when they’re cleaned out, they’re going to look the most minimized.

#4 –  To use- I can never say this right – Salicylic acid.

And that is just a specific acid that, it sounds kind of weird to put acid on your face, but what it does, is that over time it actually makes your skin pores get a little bit smaller. At least look that way, because it definitely keeps stuff cleaned out.

Keep stuff cleaned out off your pores because that’s how you minimize them, because they’re going to be big.

If you’ve got big ones, like that’s a genetic thing, you’d kind of can’t do a whole lot about it, but you can definitely minimize their appearance by keeping them cleaned out. And there’s lots of different ways to do that.

Also, if you want five more tips on how to keep your pores looking tiny and you know your face looking very smooth, just send me a message and I will get those to you because I want you to have awesome looking skin.