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Hello, hello and happy Saturday!

I am in the middle of baking because that is something that I love to do and I’ve come to know for over the years.

It’s funny cause I don’t think that I’m a great baker. I think I’m good at it, but I always follow a recipe.

And it’s funny to me because people are like, “Oh, you’re such an amazing Baker”. I’m like, “I’m actually just a good instruction follower.”

But I hadn’t realized that through the years I’ve given people lots of tips and tricks on how I improve my baking even with recipes. I use the back of the Nestle chocolate chip recipe for chocolate chip cookies and they come out amazing. Like if you ask my husband, he’ll be like, “These are awesome.”

But they weren’t always awesome…  😥😪

I remember when I was working with some of my friends at wedding channel,  I never understood how they got their cookies to be so amazing. And I was like, “How did you do that? How did you do that?” And it just blew my mind.

I could never figure it out.  But here’s what they did….

They had stand mixers.

So in the world of baking, there’s like a mixer. It stands and  it’ll do it, it’ll spin while you’re actually doing other stuff. Whereas I only had a hand mixer, which means I had to hold it. And what that meant was that I never creamed my butter and sugar together well enough. So with a hand mixer I got tired and lazy.

But with a stand mixer, it just does it for you.

Key #1 – Either get a stand mixer or if you don’t want to invest in one because they’re not cheap,  then make sure to cream your butter and sugar the right way.

Which means that it should be like almost a completely different, really light color and it should be fluffy. So just keep going with that hand mixer until it gets there. And it takes a while. So just to warn you, I get tired.

Buying a stand mixer completely changed my baking.

Also because almost all of the recipes are written for somebody who has a stand mixer but that’s pretty expensive. It is simple, but it’s expensive. So if you don’t have a stand mixer, just be sure to cream that butter and sugar together really well.

Butter is a darker color, but it needs to be like a really light color.

Key #2- My second tip is use quality ingredients.

So let’s talk about butter.  You should use this butter right here –  Kerry Gold unsalted. It’s the silver one or use a European butter or whatever.

You see the color of this butter – it’s a very like golden yellow. It’s very pretty. Now if you compare this to some other butters, even like the expensive butters here, I don’t want to name names, but their butter is usually very light in color. This butter is so much better.

So when I cream it, when it turns light with mixing with the sugar, I know. So if you’re using a lighter butter or something that’s a more traditional butter, then go ahead and know that when you’re creaming, it should be really light.

If you can’t get this butter because it’s at Walmart. If you don’t have Kroger, if you’ve got Publix or Ralph’s or whatever chain, just sometimes it’s also in the section with the cheeses, near the produce. So look there for it too.

And also use real butter. Okay, let’s just start with that. I should back up and say, use real butter.

Don’t use margarine. Don’t use the fake stuff.

Use real butter.    🧈🧈🧈

If you want your baked goods to have that like rich, buttery taste- so I’m still on my second one, which is quality ingredients- I want to show you guys my secret, it’s the Nielsen Massey Pure Vanilla bean paste.

I get this on Amazon and it’s again not cheap, but every time I use this, my baked goods taste phenomenal. It doesn’t matter if I’m following a recipe, this stuff makes it taste like crazy good.

Those are my two secret ingredients- I mean most recipes when you’re baking call for butter and vanilla, so if you swap those two out, you’re already going to be  well ahead of the game in taste.

So that’s secret number two is use quality ingredients. And I just give you two of my favorites.

Key #3 – The third tip, and I see people doing this all the time, most people when they measure, they just do this- scoops. Baking is a science and so you need to get it exact.  So what I want you to do is to level off your ingredients.

This is what you want your measuring cups to look like, nice and flat on the top. Okay? That’s going to get the ratios of your stuff exactly right so that you don’t have too much or too little sugar or whatever else ingredient that needs to be level.

That’s for dry ingredients.

For wet ingredients? Same thing that it’s kind of hard to over pour those, but you can under pour them.


 🍰   Get a stand mixer to cream your butter and sugar or make sure that when you do cream your butter and sugar together, that it is really light and fluffy. With your hand mixer, it takes awhile.

🍰   Use quality ingredients. Use real butter. Use vanilla bean paste. Kerrygold preferably.

🍰   Level off your measuring. So if you don’t have one of those nifty little devices, I could do it with the back of a knife all the time. A butter knife, cause usually they’re pretty flat back of a butter knife to scrape off the top of that. And then you won’t have the raw amount of ingredients.

So those are the three tips.

If you want additional baking tips from me, send me a message. I have five more tips for you that will make your baking so much better. Plus I’ll send you my favorite way to make cake box recipes tastes like bakeries.

So send me that message in a private message. If you want my ‘How to Turn Cake Box Mix Into a Bakery” and “Five More Tips on Being a Better Baker”, let me know.

I hope you have a fantastic day. I’m off to get my salted Caramel, which by the way I do make that sauce myself, Buttery Crumble Bars. That’s what I just got the oven baking. So I got to go!